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Social media has majorly helped grow my business – and you know the funny thing it was never intentional. Things seem to happen organically with me… honestly, I never really planned to have a store and now look! I didn’t go into writing a blog or instagraming believing, knowing or thinking this is going to make me mega bucks, I went into it wanting to share and that has created this incredible community.

Social media has certainly helped grow my biz to such an extent that last year I even secured an interview with Vogue (still a pinch me moment!) talking about how my shoppable instagram has boosted our business. So if you’re not sure of the value, believe me when I say that social can be free advertising and one of the most important tools in your arsenal. It can help build your business both socially and financially if you get it right.

First figure out the tone and your target audience. This you have to nail from the get go as you have to know who you are talking too. Who is your audience, what are their interests/goals/age/sex… why would they be interested in you basically! For me this was easy because I am my target market – I buy (nick) what I design – everything in the store is in my house and vice versa, so it makes it really simple. You don’t have to be your target customer you just need to figure out exactly who you are talking to.

Working out your content. You can’t just push products endlessly. It’s boring, in your face and you won’t get any followers that way. What you need is real content. Textural, visual content that creates an experience and causes people to interact with you. Do your followers love videos, photos, engagement posts? Is there a hashtag that they can jump on board and share with you, so it’s really a two-way street? Remember that social media is talking with your audience, not talking at them.

If you can identify optimal posting times or schedule in advance that can take a lot of the workload off your shoulders. I should say I actually hardly ever do this – I instagram on the hoof when I’m in the back of a taxi, going into a meeting, off to yoga, in Borough Market for an early morning Saturday breakfast any time anywhere is what I do. But you can certainly be more structured about it.

One way we are organised at AA HQ is with an editorial calendar. I sit down to discuss with the team at least once a month, and here we’re brainstorming ideas, thinking about a good mix of topics, what’s happening for the biz that month, exciting trends or products we want to share, upcoming calendar days, holidays or big events we want to discuss, etc.etc.

On a spreadsheet list everything out like the publication date and time and the type of content (so the type of post you are going to share). Having a calendar will ensure you don’t repeat yourself, that you’re keeping it fresh and not sending out a bunch of posts all at once. Also don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do stick to it all the time. Plans are always changing, but it’s good to have one to start with! Running a business is incredibly time consuming and challenging and you need to be organised so that creating content can actually be fun and engaging and not just another chore.

The thing to remember is that if you have an actual plan you will find that pretty soon you will have geared up your social media presence and it will have a big impact on your biz. I should add that it doesn’t happen overnight – you won’t suddenly get zillions of followers or bundles of cash… it takes time. But then what in life doesn’t – I say this a lot but if it were that easy everyone would be doing it!

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