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What to put at the foot of the bed

I’ll whisper as it’s 4am and everyone else is sleeping. I’m about to leave for the store, but before I go I’m thinking about bedrooms for this morning’s post. More specifically ideas for the end of the bed.

What do you guys have at the end of the bed? A stool, baskets, footboard, bench, TV? Nothing at all? Whether you’ve got a super large bedroom or something much smaller, I find that putting something at the end of the bed totally elevates the room. Why you may ask? It’s a no brainer actually. Because the bed is nearly always the largest piece of furniture in the room it needs some other pieces around it to divert the attention a little. What to go for, when the possibilities are endless:

I’m not the hugest fan of TV’s (in any room!) but I know lots of people who enjoy a bedtime TV binge. The best solutions I’ve ever seen are units with an integrated  TV that goes up and down at the touch of button, which is clever as TV’s are such ugly beasts.


I love the idea of a bench, ottoman or even a stool actually at the end of the bed. Anything to get the two M’s to settle down! Serves as a great place to sit and put on your shoes or sling clothes over at the end of the day. You can soften it with a throw, or a tray with a scented candle, it acts as a lovely punctuation mark in a room.

I like the idea of a small sofa or chair at the end of the bed, add a little table a small reading lamp and you have the loveliest reading nook in the world! I see this done much more Stateside than over here. I know lots of people worry about adding extra things to a small bedroom. However I say do the reverse! You want to throw the eye off and not let it focus on the smallness, instead focus on the coolness.


If you need your bedroom to double duty as a home office putting a small desk at the end of the bed is the perfect way to go. Add a couple of sidelights and at the end of the day with the computer cleared away it feels super hotel-ish! Nice.


Just goes to show that even in a tiny space you can still add something extra…

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