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So we’re nearly, nearly there. It’s been crazy setting up the new store, but on the last big push now. I honestly think (can I say this?!) that there’s no cooler store anywhere. I hope you love as much as I do, think of an edgy wilderness vibe with a big dose of urban cool thrown in! If that doesn’t make sense then you’ll just have to come and visit us at 12-14 Essex Road in Islington – we’re opening tomorrow!!

Anyway, among the many many great things about having a bigger store is that I can introduce new concepts to our existing collection. Our latest collection is the biggest and also coolest yet if I can say such things, and one of the reasons for making me jump ship to a far bigger store so we can showcase it all.

As the creator, designer and buyer of my brand I’m incredibly privileged in that I can design and buy whatever I so please. As I’ve gotten older I’ve moved further away from quirk and closer to luxury tinged with a boho vibe if that makes any kind of sense. I’ve become obsessed with the wilderness mixed with city cool. Think tables crafted from fallen trees, softly woven textiles from the finest merino wool, supersized concrete pots, glamorous lights, small batch ceramics, oodles of foliage and grasses. Pieces that make you want to curl up inside or out and stay home. Over the past year or so I’ve scoured the globe to find new things that fit this vibe but will to expand the range… so we have new tableware, art, vases, foliage, textiles, outdoors furniture, wall claddings, and so and so on. I’ll be introducing to you them all along with all my decorating tips. But today it’s books.

For the longest time and driven purely by my obsession for print I’ve wanted to launch a dedicated selection of fabulous magazines and books. They’re not really moneymakers, Amazon has pretty much hoovered that up, but I love them and hope you will too. I want the new store to be sort of place you linger and enjoy, and discover new things. Flicking through an inspiring book is part of that.

I also think we should all try to do more to support print, full-stop. The bottom had fallen out of the publishing industry with advertisers reigning in budgets and many magazines disappearing altogether (remember the American magazine Domino and the incredible reaction to that folding)? For so long it looked as though there was no future in print, but the industry all changed around 2011 when the phenomenon that is Kinfolk started hitting independent booksellers shelves.

Out of all that came a slew of independently published magazines, deeply rooted in heritage and driven my passions – whether that’s food, interiors, dining, arts, music – documenting human experiences basically. As great as blogs can be, I think we all suffer from internet fatigue sometimes – there’s nothing better than print preferably with a flat white in hand.

That said I’m hugely excited to showcase our new little library. We’ve got books I love, some I’ve already mentioned in the Book Club section of the blog, others I’ll be reviewing shortly. We’ve also got some of the coolest quarterly interiors mags, with plans for more to follow. I’m really excited about it, and as there was the biggest demand for books when I floated the idea online a while ago, I hope you guys are too!

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