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As the business has become more complex and more global we have had to expand our team. For ages it was just Gem and I, and then slowly and gradually we grew. Buying, customer services, marketing, content management, warehousing, wholesale, online and on and on and on - it’s now a complex team. And yes we have had some really bad hires! The tales I could tell – the worst being one member of staff removing the products off our shelves only to put their own products on them and then telling me to lawyer up! My parents happened to wander in one weekend only to call me and mention that my taste level had rocketed off the radar (in the worst way possible) and what was I doing with cat things on the shelf?! And that isn’t even the half of it. We strategically manoeuvred that person out!

Although I often feel in unchartered waters, for the first time ever I have a really good team. Everyone in every role is great whereas before there has been some weak links with some people simply not being able to adapt, embrace and get on with what a small business throws at them. In big companies you are shielded from so much whereas with small ones it's warts and all.

The moral of this post is always always always hire people, smarter, quicker better than you! They bring such incredible ideas to the table from our CFO not letting me sign a contract because it was way too one sided to the team bringing things to the table I never would have thought of.

I am learning so much from them. As much as I would encourage anyone to read books and learn, hiring people better than you leaves you time to do what you do best, in my case, creating and growing this biz!

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  • Raven on May 23, 2018

    cute M dog

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