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Here’s the thing about business – success is fragile. You might be on top of your game one day but 6 months later you could (and will I hate to warn) just as easily be at the bottom if you sit on your ass. Every day you have to earn it and never rest on your laurels, you have to push harder and harder. Nobody cares what happened yesterday including your customers. Every day you have to start afresh and be hungrier, smarter and push for constant reinvention. It’s a little exhausting but it’s also incredibly exiting.

To stay on top you have to deliver magic every day. This keeps me awake at night actually. I’ve seen so many companies rest on their laurels, or prioritize short-term profits and in so doing competitors come along and steal your market. Constantly think short term but always always think long term. Every day push, reinvent and revaluate. We are always tweaking I am always thinking we can do better in everything we do.

The hardest part I find is having the courage and conviction to make the big changes – but know this unless you reinvent you become obsolete pretty quickly! Se be fearless in the sense that you have to take risks, but also be fearful. It’s important that you worry constructively about the decisions you are making every day.

If you want to be big you won’t succeed by carrying what your competitors are carrying or tweaking it slightly. Wining big means thinking big and innovating in product, customer engagement, store design on and on I could go. Incremental improvements – don’t really interest me, I know that is a terrible thing to say but they don’t. Giant leaps interest and fire me up – this scares quite a lot of them team I am constantly being told I’m sprinting before I’m walking but I don’t care. You get nowhere like I say by tweaking or selling something similar to someone else. So in a nutshell if you want to secure growth you have to grab a big dose of confidence.

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