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Why quirky mixed with modern mixed with vintage should meet more often

It all comes down to personality some rooms have it and some I hate to say just don’t. If your pad is lacking a few style ratings add some quirky touches. Flea market finds are a super easy way to inject personality as these pieces tell a narrative in the way that mass produced products just can’t. Also if you opt for just one look say Scandi then your whole room will, I promise you look way to clean and cold! The trick and its a clever one at that is to combine – modern with vintage as vintage adds instant personality. You can traditionalise your home by adding paneling to borring old walls and painting them a fab colour (as seen below) then mix in a dash of the quirky (love that art) with some vintage and modern pieces. Yes this is a hotel hang out but its a great way to get inspired – adding character is easy – the secret is all in the mix!

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