I am a huge fan of this little nook. Cowboy-esque in style it feels welcoming, super cool and laid back all at the same time. It just shows what you can do with the smallest space (like my cabin), or even just a neglected corner. The layered artwork is fabulous as is the sweet little drinks table. Doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge fan of whiskies, Kate Moss and Hitchcock, so I’m pretty much sold!

Something I get asked a lot is whether you can paint rooms with low ceilings out in a dark hue. Well you only need to look at those dark boards to know my answer – yes of course you can! I don’t want to sound like a broken record but see how that restrained palette really means that everything just pops out at you? Also when walls, floors and ceilings are decorated all in the same treatment it puts the emphasis on what’s actually in the room and elevates things to new heights.

One more key component to knocking the space out of the park is the textural sheepskin – they really are the most versatile accessories for cosy interiors! Fluffy, soft and full of texture, it reveals a softer side to this super cool hangout. Here’s how to get the look below. Oh and I should say that of course the Arne Norell safari chair is to die for – not included in this round-up, but I’ve already spilled the beans on how to hunt down one of these beauties in another why this works post. Enjoy…




Clockwise from top left: Piet Hein Eek scrapwood wallpaper, Rockett St George | Mad et Len amber rocks pot pourri | LÖVBACKEN side table, IKEA | Kate: The Kate Moss Book | Array lamp | Crystal head vodka, Selfridges | Icelandic sheepskin | Snake paperweight

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