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Why this works: Italian cool

I thought this morning we might critically look at an image and analyse why it works. Pulling a room together takes a bit of skill and for some of us it’s easier than others, but when you figure out how to make it work it’s like having that perfect tool kit, a blueprint that makes everything much easier.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get straight into it! This room is simple, beautiful but why exactly does it work?

First and foremost the colour palette is reigned in. You can see how everything blends harmoniously together – in this space not one thing jars. This also means you can get away with a much more eclectic mix of items, as long as they share a common palette.

Multiple focal points. You should never have just one statement feature in a room. The reason is to delight the eye! In this space the sofa is a focal point, but the eye gets also pulled to the desk, the floor lamps and then the architecture. So your glance travels around the room, stopping off here and there as it goes.

Layers. I am obsessed with layers. The more layers or areas you have in a space the more intriguing it will read. Oh also because that colour palette is reigned in you can get away with more than you ever thought. Layer small accessories in front of larger accessories and you’ll get this fantastic lively rhythm going on. Speaking of…

Rhythm. In rooms we don’t want everything the same height (reads as too boring) so throw in some verticals like a floor lamp or mannequin even as these guys have done. Pendants hanging low from above, or oversized art or mirrors propped on the floor also work to the same effect.

Voila, easy when you know how right?


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