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Why your business should embrace social media

Whether you are a fan or not social media cannot be ignored in business it’s a powerful tool for getting your company in the spotlight. Why? Well the advantages are numerous from increased brand recognition to increased brand loyalty. Social Media enriches your customers experience and simultaneously decreases your marketing costs, so its something we all should embrace. Question is how do we make it work for our businesses?

Get on board the content marketing train

Advertising in the traditional form does not attract customers like it use to (we skip television adds all the time right, flick through adverts in print) so companies have to get cleverer. It’s called smart marketing, with traditional marketing becoming less and less effective – content marketing is all about a strategic approach focusing on creating stories (content) that relate back to your brand. It’s not about selling exactly its more about delivering information to your customers that is valuable, interesting and ties into your brand. Let me give you an example Wholefoods have an online magazine called Dark Rye, which I am fairly obsessed with. In it they produce videos and stills of the artisans whose products they stock throughout there zillions of stores. These videos take you further into the lives of the people whose products they stock and its subtle so when I read about two guys growing hops on their Brooklyn apartment rooftop I want to buy into that craft beer. Its clever, is telling a narrative and it makes me interested in them!

Real Time Marketing

Drill down into when most people are on your channels and offer them deals in real time, like a discount say or a giveaway or maybe a sneak peak. It generates better engagement and that in turn drives conversions and sales.

Embrace Video content

I’ve neglected this a bit due to my bonkers schedule but video marketing is a powerful visual tool that generates better engagement and responses. Must do better on this front!

Mobile Social Media

Did you know that in 2015 over one billon people will have access to the internet only through their cell phones? That is a phenomenal stat so make sure your site is mobile ready!

Get better and get more specific on social

You can run all sort of advanced analytics programmes across your channels so drill down into them and gain better insights into your targeted customers. You can then develop better strategies that in turn will lead to higher conversion rates.


The sooner you get on the social media bandwagon the sooner you increase sales. Do you want more customers, more traffic, more conversions? Of course right, we all do and you shouldn’t be snooty about it because even the most luxurious of brands embrace social in a big way. In business it’s not about doing the same as you did last year or the previous year to that. It’s about constantly striving to do better be better, cleverer and more on it. AND get this it’s an easy way to get more publicity, its free, it helps sales and it’s the future.

Enough said I think!



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