06 Aug

Creating curb appeal

Morning, I thought I might focus on the front of house today because its one of those areas that when you’ve you change it wham bam you’ve suddenly upgraded the whole house. The minute we painted the outside of ours black I knew we had made the right decision, people actually knock on the door now and ask for the paint colour. Or stand outside and gawp (not sure if that is good or bad, presuming good).  Houses in the area or following in our footsteps, when Maud, Mung’s and I take our afternoon stroll we play count the number...
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05 Aug

Cool storage ideas

A little later than usual this morning, apologises had a disturbed night – 2 guys on bikes tried to kick the front door down at 2am in the morning. Woke to lots of thuds (luckily it was bolted) so they couldn’t get in but the nerve of it!  Same thing happened two years ago when I got back in the early hours after filming and forget to bolt the door and they got in and grabbed my bag with everything in. Since the police told me this kind of crime is on the rise since so many people leave stuff in...
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02 Aug

Top Decorating Tips

Thank you thank you guys for all your suggestions regarding artwork, I am a little overwhelmed with the response its been amazing but I am going through everything you have sent in so thank you again. Please forgive if I don’t personally answer each email there have been hundreds! The life of an interior designer can be a demanding one, one day you could be working on one of the largest spas in the US the next you are furnishing a minuscule apartment. I’m extremely lucky in that I only (these days) take on projects that I want to do and so...
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