25 Jul

Eclectic Decorating 101

Eclectic interiors are the hardest ones in the world to pull off. Firstly anything goes they pull upon many references, styles, time periods, textures, colours you name it. Secondly not so many of us get it right because there is a fine line between a room feeling bonkers and a space feeling crazy. It takes skill and it takes intelligence since absolutely nothing matches and yet somehow it’s all got to make perfect sense. This style of decorating reshuffles the rules, you can mix luxe and humble, trad with contemporary, old with new but it can’t feel like a free...
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24 Jul

Interview – Victoria Smith

Did you know that there are more than 164 million blogs out there?  Crazy no? I used to read a lot but these days I read very few, mainly because of my schedule but also because there just isn’t that many that engage, inspire, pump out good content and tantalize. One such blog that ticks all those boxes however is the one founded by Victoria Smith – SFGIRLBYBAY. Victoria is based in San Francisco and her daily blog features cool images, fab product reviews, food, lifestyle stories it’s a magazine unto itself and I am addicted. I don’t think anyone...
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24 Jul

Dos and don’ts when decorating a small space

Having a small space is actually my idea of heaven. You haven’t got the worry of cosying up some big open plan room for one and nor have you got the expense.  I’ve seen lots of small spaces in my time in particular Paris and NYC where space is a premium and yet they are decorated in the same way say a loft would be.  Below are a few dos and don’ts – not from some text book but from experience from my years in the biz. Don’t compromise. By this I mean just because your space is small don’t think you...
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