30 Jul

The AA Journal

A while back I mentioned that we were going to start regularly adding editorial content to our website. A sort of fortnightly Journal where I’ve launched a book club – highlighting some of the coolest design and foodie books around: I’m also highlighting some of the totally amazing pads on my Forum (it was way to tough to whittle down as so many of your pads are amazing guys) so twice monthly I will be posting more. Please join the forum if you fancy interacting with a lot of like minded people, are considering going dark, have already converted, have...
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30 Jul

Punctuation mark decorating

Every room needs a punctuation mark; think of it actually like an exclamation mark, every room needs an exclamation mark, here is why. It creates an instant focal point and all rooms need those.  I like to have three main focal points in a space that way it confuses the eye because it doesn’t quite know where to look as its pulled in so many different directions all at once so you’re space will instantly read as more exciting. One of the easiest ways of creating a punctuation mark is through paint and through colour. Cheapest, easiest thing in the...
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29 Jul

Perking up your porch

Morning, busy day today as I’m in the store for a change around.  Apologises to anyone coming along – and they mess we may be (will certainly be) creating in advance. As much I think we’re be in and out in a few hours I feel it might take a little longer as some new furniture is going in which is super exciting. Onto today’s post – perking up your porch. If you happen to have a porch, terrace, balcony smidge of outside space or a garden then can I suggest that you look at it like another room so...
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