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18 May

Personal Details

I was rattling around in my house over the weekend moving things around as you do and wanted to add some visual interest to the walls which I felt needed enlivening when I suddenly remembered how inspired I was by the interior designer Michael Bargo whose house I shot last fall for my book A Girls Guide to Decorating. Michael created  an impromptu gallery from tear sheets on his kitchen wall. I loved the fact that he had roughly torn the sheets from the magazine and with a tongue in cheek kind of approach simply tacked them to the walls...
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15 May

The Devil is in the details

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your furniture and give it a bit of razzle dazzle is with new handles. Unpardonably cheap they can be installed in a blink of eye. Follow in the footsteps of the fashion foward and opt for oversized handles as they add a heightened sense of drama and are fabulously exciting as a result. Below are two examples of elongated door handles enlivening otherwise featureless doors. First up my sisters pad. She has simply sprayed wood she got precut from a DIY store a funky barbie esq pink! Next up my...
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14 May

A quirky home is a cool home

We believe your homes should be full of quirky finds that make you smile and your friend’s laugh! Boring bland design is a thing of the past (or so say us) as no one – repeat no one is going to remember that beige furniture suite that has been shoved against the wall. Instead they will remember pieces that instantly shout style statement but at the same time are unusual, will stand the test of time and bring instant star ratings to your abode. Check out our latest finds: Wingback chairs have been given a whimsical twist and are upholstered...
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