Abigail Ahern dark wall paint with artificial seed heads

Choosing Timeless Paint Colours

Abi shares her tips for creating a palette for your home that enlivens, restores and cocoons.

Abi decides on colours just like she does ingredients for her fave recipes.

What is going to bring the most balance, feels restorative, relaxing and cocooning all at the same time?

  • Abigail Ahern soft paint colour with a large stone vase and artificial dried flowers
  • Abigail Ahern large easter island sculpture with artificial grass and a large stone pot with artificial magnolia branches
  • Abigail Ahern large sculpture against a dark wall

Choosing colour palettes that follow the rhythms of the season and take inspiration from nature will always work.

Abigail Ahern living room with Crosby Brown earthy paint and pampas grass

Not only do they feel healing and calming they will never go out of date. 

Think rocky deserts, lush forests, baked clays, warm earthy tones that take inspiration from nature.

Choose colours that resonate with the heart or evoke happy memories.

Abigail Ahern painting her living room walls with a brown paint called Crosby

Go Big with the Tester

Paint out the biggest test patch that you can. Paint large strips of lining paper so that you can move it around the room and see how the light hits it at different times of the day. Never ever go by the colour chip alone.

  • Have fun and enjoy the journey.

    Creating a home shouldn't be a stressful chore. Take your time and soak up all the inspiration you can.