How to Create a Super Stylish Children's Bedroom.

Tips and Tricks on how to make a bedroom exude style and creativity that your kids will love.

Children often spend quite a lot of time in their bedrooms. They're really hard working spaces used for so many different activities, playing, homework, entertaining friends or just chilling out. It's important that their own space not only feels comfortable but reflects their unique personalities too, but think outside the box. Don't shy away from dark colours or elements that aren't typically associated with kids room decor.

Image Credit: Annie Sloan

Young Children: Spark their Creativity.

Particularly for very young children, making their unique space fun and colourful will help to stimulate their imagination and inspire them to be creative. Dedicate a corner of their room to creating, maybe even a chalkboard wall where they are allowed to draw and express their colourful thoughts and stories.

Tweens & Teens: Grown up Elements.

Your child's room should grow and change as they do. Making sure that they can retreat into their own world and have space to deal with all the ups and downs that come with growing up. Still keeping an area for them to do homework and hobbies etc but then adding in some more grown up elements like statement art funky lighting and plants etc will transform their room into a cool hangout for them and their friends.

Finding your Inspiration.

When looking for super cool ideas for your kids bedroom, we all know to look to magazines and Pinterest etc for inspiration but look to your fave creatives too. Abi's favourites, Kelly Wearstler and Jenna Lyons have both designed super cool spaces for their kids. Try thinking outside the box and not get bogged down with the mundane and twee images that seem to dominate.

Grown up Style for your Kids Room

Faux Plants like this cactus are a perfect choice for a kids bedroom, no remembering to water or care for them.

Super cool art like this Modesty Box Art will make your kids room feel grown up and contemporary.

The Sputnik Lamp will create a chilled and stylish vibe.

The fun animal print and soft texture of the Savannah Throw is the perfect addition to your children's room decor.