New Year, New Pad?

How to refresh your home for the New Year and create a cosy haven that feels revitalised.

Once the decorations and lights have come down and all of the festivities are over, it can all feel a little flat!

January is the perfect time to embrace new opportunities and to rethink, revitalise and recharge your decor.

Re-think your Botanicals

If you've added extra greenery to your home for the festivities, repurpose them into a fresh arrangement rather than lose them altogether. Using botanicals in your home connects us to nature and evokes feelings of calm. 

A mantle is a perfect host for seasonal displays.

Abi's Christmas mantle, a plethora of greenery and textures.

Botanicals can then be re-purposed into a vase to create an abundant arrangement.

Your new botanical arrangement is then a perfect anchor for new styled accessories.

Home Goals

Re-think your home. Is the current layout working for you? Is it aligned with your personal needs? Maybe you wan't to create a cosy nook with some squishy cushions and rugs for taking some 'me-time' or some extra storage for decluttering and creating some extra calm. Your home should cater for all of your personal needs and emotions.

How does it feel?

Analyse each room and think about things you can do to improve your day to day tasks. Do you need to replace kitchenware that has seen better days? Or add that perfect side table to create somewhere to pop your evening tipple. Small changes can have a big impact and just make our daily lives a bit easier to navigate.

Re-Style what you already have

Create a fresh new look using what you already have. Move mirrors and artworks, create new vignettes and re-style your coffee table. Move your furniture to another layout and swap things from room to room. This will invigorate your decor and give it a mini transformation.

Make the most of the Sales

Winter Sales are a perfect time to invest in some key pieces for your pad for less. Maybe that Rug or Statement Lamp you've been coveting now just seems a little more affordable.

Winter Sale

Need Some Extra Inspiration?

Whether your planning a major overhaul or just a mini makeover, take your time to think about your home and how you would like it to feel. Maybe you need some extra inspiration or advice?

Abi has written four design books and her latest 'Everything - A Maximalist Style Guide' is full of inspiring images and design tips.

Make sure you look out for her new book later this year!

'Everything' - A Maximalist Style Guide