Abigail Ahern on her sofa in her living area with cushions holding a Remi mug

Wellness and Decorating

Our homes can have a major impact on our health in the subtlest of ways. Abi shares her tips on ensuring your space promotes wellness and positivity.

Abigail Ahern living room with Crosby Brown earthy paint and pampas grass

If lighting is bright, paint colours garish or if our homes are full to the brim with clutter it’s not going to make us feel relaxed and at peace.

Create a Sense of Calm

Choosing calming and restorative paint colours, adding in some uplifting and energising accents can all promote creativity, balance and a general sense of well-being.

  • Abigail Ahern soft paint colour with a large stone vase and artificial dried flowers

Add in some natural accents and a beautiful mix of materiality.

  • Abigail Ahern paper mache sculptural vases with artificial dried flowers
  • Wood, papier mache, stone, marble, basketry, wool and silk are all tactile elements that promote a grounding sense of calm and will make you want to hunker down and linger longer in each and every room.

  • Abigail Ahern female sculptures called vera vigan and Valencia
Abigail Ahern dark painted Hudson black living area with armchair cushions and poodle lamp

Create a cosy nook

In every room, Abi carves out a relaxing nook that’s reserved for reading, a comfortable, safe place to flick through a magazine, listen to a pod cost and reset. 

Enjoy the little moments.

The sound of soup puttering away on the stove or the flickering, flattering flames of candle light, or the way the light bounces and reflects off a mirror.

  • Abigail Ahern lighting candles in her living room painted in a dark colour paint Madison grey
  • Abigail Ahern homeware and kitchenware.
  • Abigail Ahern in her garden picking some leaves

    Savouring such moments awakens our senses, reduces stress and actually makes us enjoy life more.