Abigail Ahern living area showing rugs and a red sofa with lamps and critical windows

How to Choose the Right Rug

Abi shares her top tips for choosing the right rug for your space.

There are a lot of rug rules out there so trying to work out what type and size goes where can feel a bit of a minefield.

For large rooms with furniture floating in the middle either go for one big rug or two rugs so that the furniture fits completely on top.

  • Abigail Ahern armchair with rug and a glass lamp in living area painted in a designer paint dark colour Hudson black
  • Abigail Ahern double height living area with vintage lamp art African drum stool and leather chairs with fluffy cushions
  • If you want all your conversational pieces on the rug (so sofas, chairs, coffee and occasional tables) just make sure the rug isn’t so big that it touches the sides of the room otherwise it will feel similar to wall to wall carpeting.

Bigger rugs feel more grounding and act as a major focal point in a room however if your rugs are smaller no problemo just layer a few of them together to expand them up. Small rugs on their own in the middle of a room can feel a little too disjointed and sad.

  • Abigail Ahern dark hallway with stair runner and designer paint in a dark colour called Bedford brown

    For hallways runners are always a good option with exposed bare floors either side.

  • Abigail Ahern homeware textiles runners


  • In kitchens runners look beautiful flanking islands and sink units.

In bedrooms runners are a fabulous alternative to use on either side of the bed or at the foot of the bed, or alternatively float the whole bed on the rug.

Abigail Ahern living area with cow print chair and zebra print rug with artificial plants and elephant foot table

With any furniture against the wall aim to have the two front legs of the furniture on the rug. In smaller spaces, plop small rugs under a coffee table to define the area.

You can fill in empty spaces with runners (Abi does this all of the time), layer rugs over rugs, go rogue, go off centre, add in interesting shapes it’s so up to you.

  • Abigail Ahern dining table with convex mirror chandelier and vintage lamp
  • Dining Area

    There are lots of choices with rugs and dining rooms; have all dining chairs and tables on or float rugs behind the chairs.

  • Abigail Ahern dark painted room with fireplace and artificial plants and convex mirror room painted in dark colour Hudson black
  • Abigail Ahern textured shaggy rug with vase and artificial Angelica plant


  • Two things to ALWAYS remember.

    Go super shaggy and textural, or go for patterned. Texture and pattern are like a herb or spice, adding instant pizazz and elevating rooms to a whole new level.

  • Abigail Ahern homeware furnishings patterned rug with a soft fabric dining chair