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Textiles are one of my main design components whenever I'm pulling a scheme together. I love the texture they add, whether it's slubby rugs, cosy sheepskins or our softly woven merino cushions.

Dark paint colours have transformed my home (and my life!) forever. They're cocooning, glamorous, flattering, masculine and edgy... what's more they've catapulted my biz into the stratosphere. Once you convert to the dark side there's no going back. 


Flowers and foliage should play a leading role in every room! Rare breed heirloom varieties and wild foliage are my favourites. I'm particularly obsessed with foliage - think branches, sprigs of berries and feathery fern fronds. Grouped together en masse they make a beautifully simple arrangement on their own. Overdose on them, I say.


Oversized lamps are my go-to trick whenever I want to transform the atmosphere in a room. True fact: when you get the lighting right no one notices, but get it wrong and it's a glaring mistake. You want a snug, cosy glow and magical little pools of light. It takes skill but the quickest route to beautifully lit rooms is to dot lamps around the place, and layer the lighting so you're never just using overhead lights. Do that and you'll never want to leave!


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