Standing to attention with his right paw raised, Morris has a lovely cream coat, distinctive brown ears and leather-tipped tail. 

This one-of-a-kind piece by British sculptor Dominic Gubb is hand-made using reclaimed materials. Each one utterly unique, these larger-than-life rope dogs are created on a steel armature, using reclaimed school climbing rope to create the wonderful, shaggy coat.

The rope work is a meticulous process of hand tying and shaping to further enhance the dog's life like appearance and expression. Dominic’s passion for form and movement is evident in his ability to capture the very essence of the canine character. Perfect for adding a touch of wit, warmth, and personality to your home!

Dimensions (cm): 61H x 78L (inclusive of tail)

Materials: Welded steel armature, reclaimed rope (washed and dyed)

Lead Time: 4 weeks 

N.B.: All rope dogs can be made to order in sitting, standing, lying down and raised paw positions. Please email for further details.


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