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Crosby is an emotive, regal colour, brown with undertones of pink. It's a seriously smart hue.  Strong, versatile and incredibly calming. I'm a little obsessed with it - I've painted my kitchen, bedroom and the back of my store in Crosby! 

Coverage is dependent upon the surface being painted, but the following can be used as a guide:

2.5L tin of emulsion/eggshell will cover approximately 25-35 square meters (one coat)

5L tin of emulsion/eggshell/floor will cover approximately 50-70 square meters (one coat)
Typically, two coats of paint will be required to give the desired finish (although this is dependent upon the thickness of application and the surface being painted).
Overseas customers: 5L tins are not available for delivery; please order using 2.5L tins.