When it comes to tableware I am super fussy. Whatever your cooking skills, food instantly looks so much more appetising when it’s presented on a fabulous platter! So start with the perfect serveware. In store we've got incredible handmade ceramic bowls in subtle, smokey colours (perfect for offsetting bright pea green risottos, vibrant salads or perhaps a smoky baba ganoush). No need for table mats - stack bowls on top of plates for an informal vibe.

Next add the stars of the show. Use large platters to dish up a stunning pilaff, or perhaps lay out a mezze spread. I love this relaxed, communal eating where everyone can tuck in and help themselves! Set the tone with marble and metallic dishes in our beautiful hues. I like to keep the colour palette very simple, but pep it up with rich metallics, like bronze, brass and burnished gold. Lower the lighting and dot t-lights along the table to create a magical glow.

Setting a stunning table is no different from styling a vignette. With all these long, low platters you need to add height to the table too. A pair of seahorse candlesticks complete with black dining candles and an elegant bottle vase will do the trick. A word on flowers too - unless it's a very formal occasion I like to keep the flowers at the table very simple - a single fat hydrangea or peony, a stem of foliage or some beautiful cosmos are all you need.

For dessert bring out a teak platter overflowing with seasonal fruits, and throw some whole nuts into a quirky little crocodile tray. And there you have it... you've officially thrown the chicest dinner party around.