"I recently went to Denmark for a business trip and I found it so inspiring. Denmark in January is often dark for 17 hours a day, yet it's consistently ranked one of the happiest countries in the world. It's mostly down to that call hygge, or as I like to call it - cosy-to-the-max. Here's how to fully embrace Winter with activities that make a virtue of the season, from simple fire-lit evenings and soirees with friends and family, to outdoor grilling and lighting up the darkness. Enjoy!"



Don't let low temperatures and dark evenings get you down, or stop you getting outside! Cosy up round the fire pit or barbecue and cook up a storm. Grilling is definitely not for summer only - Abigail uses her outdoor kitchen all winter long, cooking everything from hearty winter soups and flame grilled pizzas to smoked slow-cooked short ribs.


The biggest game-changing trick to help you make the most of your garden on darker evenings is lighting. With strings of festoon lights suspended between the trees, an abundance of t-lights and lanterns, and even the odd chandelier or two, Abigail's garden glows all year round. It's the most show-stopping trick in the book.


When the weather outside is frightful, throw a party! From a simple soiree with a leftovers buffet for a few friends to glamorous winter feasts, nothing helps cheer the season more. Abigail decorates for her winter parties with faux mossy branches, bundles of herbs and pine branches and our evergreen winter berries. Beautiful, and oh so easy!


Get the atmosphere right with flickering candlelight and magical pools of lighting. For a really cosy affair, remember to switch off or dim the overhead lights and use side lighting for a softer glow. A good rule of thumb is to have at least eight light sources per room - Abigail's lower ground space has a whopping 22! Combine pendants with copper string lights woven through wreaths, dripping chandeliers, glam brass table lamps and zillions of candles. Now isn't that snug?