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Ampati Shallow Pan


We are huge advocates of anything that makes our suppers look more insta-worthy and the Ampati Shallow Pan does just that! Super beautiful and rustic, these handmade pans will seriously elevate your kitchen and your meals to the next level.

The clay is prepared in advance of firing, hand-shaped and moulded by craftswomen in Meghalaya, before being fired in a bhatti (open furnace). Whilst still hot the pot is dipped into a milky solution of the bark of the Sohlia tree and cold water, which lends the clay its blackish colour. The pot is then dried in the sun for 2-3 days.

Materials: Earthenware

Dimensions: H14 x Dia 25.5 cm

Not suitable for use on induction hobs

Due to the handmade nature of this item, and the firing process explained above, some colour variation may occur.


Before first use, soak the cooking utensils in water for an hour and give them adequate time to dry. Once the utensil dries, coat it with olive oil. Then proceed to fill it up to three-quarters with water and heat it for at least an hour on low flame, on a stove with a heat diffuser on. Note that this is only to be done once, before first use.

Use cooking utensils on a low flame with a heat diffuser below, to prevent cracking.

Clean your vessels by hand immediately after you use them, using a soft sponge and tepid water. It is not advised to use a dishwasher to rinse or wash these products.

Microwave safe.

Not for food storage.

Ampati Shallow Pan