This is like all my obsessions in one instagram feed – food, flowers and botanicals, coffee, cool London spots like Borough Market, and of course interiors. All caught on a v clever photographer’s lense and the most gorgeous filters. LOVE.


The long weekend is the perfect time for a bit of a DIY project. Check out my weekly revamp posts for oodles of ideas for sprucing up your pad. Looks like we’re going to have to be indoors this weekend anyway! The weather’s thrown off my plan to get outside in the garden, so time to turn my attention to the interiors methinks.



See your photos off your phone for once! I’m the worst at this, I hoard all the snaps on my phone but they never make it on to the walls or shelves or wherever. I’m thinking of using something like Freeprint – it’s a photograph app that lets you order prints of your pics directly from your phone. Cheap, efficient and easy enough that I might actually get round to it!



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