Colour risks to try before next year!

Morning, not such a good one for me I might add I have done something to my hip so I can’t really walk. Physio thinks it could be a problem of lazy glutes (!) but whatever it is I’m moving around like a snail and hobbling. Can’t do Pilates, walk the M’s or really go out which is not good! I also have the Spring Summer 15 Press launch to attend for my Debenham’s collection this morning. Looking forward to it, but could prove a little interesting me getting there! But lets see.

Before I kick off this morning’s post, it being a big holiday weekend for lots of our customers and followers I am delighted to announce that there is 20% off everything (yup everything) until 1st December. Fab no? Just enter the code YULE and your 20% will automatically be deducted. By the way there are two places left on the last Design School of the year this weekend if you fancy attending – so 20% off those too! I can’t promise I will be dancing (more like hobbling) but its a fun-packed day on how to utterly transform your pad into a place you never want to leave.

Talking of which I think there are something like only four or five weeks left of this year so we need to get speedy in transforming our pads! I’m not one to follow trends, but I do like a New Year makeover. I think with a 2015 fast approaching now is not the time to be shy, or think it won’t work, but to take the plunge, particularly when it comes to colour. You can take some risks like…


Easy to paint out on a Sunday afternoon. You can go two ways here – either go bold in a stand-out intoxicating hue or knock it back by painting the same colour as the walls. Then stand back and admire just how fabulous they look!

Add colour to a door

If you are bored of your doors (like I was with my loo door) cover it in something; paper, fabric or paint it a snazzy hue. I covered my loo door in faux pony skin, put a massive copper wall hook which I use as a handle over it and wham bam, thank you mam looks fabulous!

Metallic paint something

Like say a piece of furniture, an alcove, a back splash even, as it will catch the light beautifully. Can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle! Spray paint or gold leaf are fab, and I really like this snazzy metallic paste too – super easy to use and an instant transformation!

Gloss the ceiling

Beautiful if you suspend a chandelier below it as the light will again bounce off it beautifully.

The one colour look

Don’t freak out because this is the most sophisticated transformative amazing thing you can do ever. Paint everything out the same hue. Floors, ceilings, window frames, doors, and walls it makes for the hugest impact. I will go as far as to say its life changing because it actually makes you happier promise!

Don’t be afraid to try I say, roll up your selves, grab a brush and get stuck in. By the time the holiday season kicks off you’ll have the snazziest house on the block!


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