Cosying Up For Autumn

Cosying Up For Autumn

I don’t know about you guys but every time there is a big season change, I want to make small tweaks that emulate the difference in seasons, not big changes i’m not talking about replacing rugs and curtains just small tweaks. For me coming home to the soft smell of wood smoke, a stew puttering away on the slow cooker – werts and monkey (my dogs) bounding around and more than anything else a home that feels both cosseting and warm.  Super easy to achieve by the way!



It’s the finishing touches that turn rooms around and cosy them up in next to know time. The reassurance of slubby textures – wooly cushions, like our Juba, Nairobi and Essa, our faux botanicals like Dusky Pine Branches, Banksia’s in mulberry and sand, Pampas Grasses, Dahlias in hazel and umbers – beautiful autumnal wintery hues.



Sculptures that enliven surfaces and emulate bronze and look super expensive but are in fact resin like our Mae sculpture, our Easter Island boys, on and on I could go.



Colour is one of the biggest game changers as is lighting, both create atmosphere mystery and intrigue. Get all that right and you’ve nailed it. Gold star! 


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