They’re overlooked way too often, but I am the biggest fan of stools and side tables. They’re super versatile – the hardworking little multi-taskers of the interiors world.

When designing our own-label I knew I had to include one, and the Emerson ticks all my boxes: glam, metallic, shimmering and pretty clever (even if I do say so myself!). I’ve got them dotted all over my pad, so I thought I’d show you guys 4 ways to put the Emerson to use!

1. Side table

Every seating spot needs a side table buddy and this low-slung Wild Bill / Emerson duo is gorgeous. It’s my new fave spot to hang out in the evenings, curled up in front of the fire with the M’s. A sweet little lamp, some fresh blooms and a candle are all you need to complete the look.

Emerson stool01   4 ways with Emerson stool 2


2. Instant plinth

Not every space in the house needs a big fancy console and a perfectly curated vignette. A brilliantly styling trick is using a stool to instantly perk up small spaces or awkward corners. Dead clever because it only needs a single cool plant, accessory or vase to look “done”. Voila!

Emerson stool02  


3. Bubblebath perch

I’m always banging on moaning about my bathroom (seriously not keen). I am still itching to give it a complete overhaul so this is just a quick fix but the Emerson has cheered the room, and me, up no end! The metallic gold is amazing with the olive and all the faux greenery and it’s the perfect height with the bath. I don’t know about you guys but for me a bath is a long drawn-out treat so I always need bubbles, lotions and potions, and a book to hand, and maybe a glass of wine too!

Emerson stool04  Emerson stool05


4. Stool

And finally, of course sometimes a stool can be just that! I’ve been taking the Emerson outside in the evenings to sit in my summer cabin. We’ve only just put the cabin up at the bottom of the garden so it’s still empty, no chairs or seating at the mo, but I’m too impatient to get out there to wait for that! Having a couple of stools around is perfect for unexpected guests or impromptu seating – all it needs is a furry cushion or sheepskin slung over it and it’s a comfy perch.

Emerson stool06


D2-001ed X1-001 M1-001-A Lamp gold   799020

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