How to Create a Magical Hallway in 4 Steps

How to Create a Magical Hallway in 4 Steps

I find that hallways get so neglected, and I get it because they can be quite challenging however they are the entryway to our world its so super important to make them as cool as we possibly can. I know when I put my keys in the door I literally feel like I’ve stepped into another world, a magical world where all the stresses of the day melt away. 



Introduce storage

First up before we get onto the game changing stuff we need some kind of clutter reducing system. That could be as simple as a basket for shoes, a hand thrown bowl for keys, coat hooks on the wall, when a space feels organized it feels so much better – for small hallways a wall mounted hook rack is a must!





Add Personality

So many people treat this area as a transitional throwaway space but I so want to encourage you to decorate it with as much conviction as you would say your living room. A cool mirror, a lovely colour on the walls, the odd small table or shelf for a lamp and a plant. Nice!





Take a Seat

I know I know it’s generally a small space so seating seems a big no no but a bench particularly in a narrow hall adds so much visual interest to the space. Plus having a place to sit where you can put on or take off shoes is so nice.  




Overdose on Pattern

I think it’s so important to add pattern to hallways because if everything is a solid hue it reads as a big yawn but when you introduce pattern you have suddenly enlivened the area. A runner is the perfect place to pattern up. Here are some of my go to sources: Roger Oates. I designed a collection of the most beautiful rugs and runners, tribal in style and perfect for hallways. Urban Outfitters. Generally on the smaller side but fab if you get a few and plop in a row. Patterned, reasonable and a fab resource.  For vintage rugs try Kempton Antiques Market and Criterion Auctioneers.  




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