How to give your walls a cult following

Who says walls have to be plain and (more often than not) devoid of any kind of personality? I don’t know about you guys but I want my walls to punch above their weight. Whether that’s through an incredible lick of paint, wallpaper, some fabulous artwork or some architectural component like brick or slate. Talking of which I’m slating the walls in our cabin shortly cannot wait. It arrived yesterday and looks like big chunks of flinty cave man style slate which I am obsessing over. I will let you know how it turns out!

Below are some ideas to take your walls to the next level!



When I shot Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu pad last summer I was blown away with her choice of marble. It was so breathtaking it made me completely want to rethink some of my walls. The subtle beautiful earthy pattern looked so cool you barely need anything else. If you don’t want to go to the expense of marble (and it is super expensive) then you can find some amazing papers that replicate marble. In Lonny ages ago there was this amazing bathroom – believe it or not it’s craft paper! I seem to remember a marble wallpapered laundry room on the blog From the Right Bank which also looked amazing.



marble bathroom wallpaper



Back in vogue in a big way! With so many options on the market we live in exciting times.Wallpaper is so transformative it adds pattern, texture and a whole new dimension to a room whether you go for a huge motif or something more subtle and architectural.


Customise your artwork

Grab a canvas from your local art store and customise it. Wrap wallpaper or fabric around it, paint it out you name it. Nothing easier or better in my book! Or go to the DIY store and grab yourself a huge sheet of panelling, MDF or ply will do prop against the wall and cover that with wallpaper. Nothing easier.




Paint out in a fabulous hue

You’ll be sick of me continually banging on about this but the most transformative thing you can do to your walls is change your paint colour. Go slightly out of your comfort zone if you can it’s a game changer. Intriguing interiors take risks so push a few boundaries.

Talking of feeling out of one’s comfort zone I’m off to hit the pool again. I’m so out of practice that I’m finding leaving the house at 6.20 each morning not so easy these days. How I did it in the depths of winter in the dark is beyond me! Hopefully the passion will return it’s only day 3 after all right?



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