We’ve had a bit of a change around at HQ. As you might know, the studio is in my house and all the HQ team work here with us. But as we’re expanding it’s been a bit crazy having everyone on the ground floor. We were all squished in, and I found myself pulled into conversations that I shouldn’t really be thinking about and spending time on, thus resulting in me not really doing what I should be doing – which is running and pushing this company to new heights.

So the whole team has moved up to the top floor, which leaves me and the M’s to ourselves. It’s strange to be honest with you. I think probably it makes me more productive (being such a recent change it’s hard to tell!), as I can achieve more when there is less noise and distraction. But I really miss being in the heart of it.

When you work from home there are a few key things you can do that make all the difference. Firstly you need a motivational environment (she says, banishing the whole team upstairs with nothing but a table and a few desk lamps!) But I’m working to make it a beautiful and inspirational space up there too. Here’s a few of my golden rules for home offices:

Photo: Heather Clawson, Habitually Chic

Keep your personal style

Just because it’s a workspace doesn’t mean you can’t personalish it and make it inspirational – otherwise you won’t want to be it in for very long. My office feels like the rest of my space, there are heaps of books, candles, baskets, tons of lamps, chairs for lounging. That sort of stuff.


Abigail Ahern - Decorating with StyleA Girl’s Guide to Decorating, Abigail Ahern. Photo: Graham Atkins-Hughes

Consider your view

I happen to like having a view of the garden – I can give my eyes a break and look at the trees and think of warmer climes. It’s not necessary of course you can just as easily face away from the window to try and avoid distractions, and to instead have a motivational poster or art or something that you’ll want your eyes to alight upon to give them a break.

Photograph: Nicole Hill Gerulat. Source:

Add greenery

Obviously I’m plant obsessed and we have a ton of them here! From cacti and ferns and succulents, they all make the biggest difference.

AA office

Find the balance

The team’s office is quite different from my office where I constantly need books and reference materials to refer to and just… stuff. So much stuff. In their space (which is really not finished yet!) they have a few statement pieces like a chandelier, a cool painting, some plants, so it looks good but it’s also super practical. I actually hate practical decorating, but I’m working on finding the right balance. Oh, and of course we went dark up on the top floor too. It’s seriously sophisticated, masculine yet hip.

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