Instant Decorating Ideas

If like me you have no patience, zero time and a yearning to revamp your pad in half an afternoon welcome to the club. Not every room needs bucket loads of money spent  on it sometimes its the small things that make the biggest difference like painting something out in an intoxicating hue or  doing the  odd switcheroo that gives the best results.

Below are some instant ideas that you can implement quickly.  If you guys have any fab simple makeover tricks do share them by uploading them on Instagram with the hashtag #AADecorIdeas.  We’re giving away  a £50 gift voucher for  the best idea, competition closes midnight 23rd June EST

Hang wallpaper from bulldog clips

Great if you’re living in a rental and you can’t perhaps paper,  or maybe you fancy turning the wallpaper into an art installation in itself. Gem my sister hung beautiful bookcase wallpaper from two bulldog clips in her hallway. You can switch up the paper as often as you please. Simple, easy and donezo in like 30 minutes! The trick (obvious I know) is to hang something with a bit of a pattern because otherwise it will feel incredibly flat. Some of my fav sources for wallpaper include: Us (naturally), Andrew Martin, Timorous Beasties, House of Hackney (I adore their rug wallpaper), Twenty2 (beautiful grasscloths), Flavor Paper, Wall& Deco (amazing)!

Spray paint in off beat colours

If you want to add drama to your pad you’ve got to up the anty with your colour choices. The bolder and the ballsier the better.  We didn’t actually spray the pink table you see in the slide show but it give us the creative idea in the first place. The glossier you go the more luxurious the vibe which is why I’m such a fan of car spray, supremely glossy! Now I’ve never done this and I would love to know if you guys have,  sprayed flea market purchases with a can of car spray rather than taking to the garage? I’m guessing once you’ve mastered the technique you get the same effect that beautiful glossy lacquered look! In the image I’m spraying an old flea market lamp base in hot pinky/red so you don’t have to always car spray its the ramping up the colour that turns things around.

Style books a new way

Books and magazines are one of my best decorating tools not only do I plonk them on shelves I plonk them on the floor on window sills everywhere, they totally lighten the mood  like in this most beautiful Milan loft belonging to Piero Gemelli.Who would thinking  a print on a heap of books would look so cool!

Get creative with paint

Nothing cheaper or  more transformative as painting out a  wall or piece of furniture in a tantalising hue. Same principle applies as with spraying take a few risks and go all  out with your colour choices, it changes the way you think. Promise!

Create your own gallery wall.

Tear images from magazines, put kids art behind glass run to the local charity store and get creative. Hang it all saloon style because as I say all the time you’ll never be focusing on just the  one image rather the installation as a whole! Angel Dormer whose house this is has the coolest gallery wall I know!

Easy peasy decorating ideas to implement on a lazy Sunday afternoon I reckon. Guess what I’m doing this weekend!






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