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Interior designers have quite a tough job. I know from the outside it looks and feels like the coolest gig on the planet but as a designer you have to juggle many balls in the air. You have to listen to your client (most importantly) and interpret what they want but also push them to think outside the box. One of the reasons clients hire you as an interior designer is because we bring to the table a whole different way of thinking about a space. It takes a bit of skill getting clients on side (sometimes its easy sometimes its not). Occasionally there might be a bit of hair pulling and stamping of feet (all in a days work) but the whole process should be collaborative  I consider myself incredibly lucky these days because clients come to us because they like our aesthetic – there’s no ‘can I have a white minimal space” requests, so battles are few and far between. In the early days when working as a designer in the States it was a whole different ball game.

I got sacked from a zillion projects; one couple wanted leopard throughout and were baffled when I couldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t do it.  Another family wanted the chintz English country look (help me God) I think I got fired from more projects than I actually completed. Luckily I had two of the coolest bosses ever, who liked me and would propel me off such projects without actually firing me. Not quite sure why they didn’t fire me, but I loved them dearly.   They had the best way of getting clients onside without being as blunt as me and saying ‘ are you nuts’. They would say things like ‘how married are you to this’, or there might be some taste level issues with that piece! I They put their voice across,  if at the end of the day the client wanted to go their own way they accepted it. They didn’t have a tantrum or have a sleepless night I write an essay on why such and such was so wrong. They moved on and they created beautiful interiors.

What is my point – ah yes my point. The coolest interiors for me at least don’t look stylised nor do they look decorated to within an inch of their lives. You can’t quite tell if the designer has been in or not – they are coolest interiors.  The interiors challenge you, make you curious, enlighten you and make your heart pound just that little bit faster but in the subtlest of ways. They look and feel lived in and loved. Commune Design do that, they bring to the table a relaxed vibe to all of their interiors. Based in California they have designed residential and commercial projects all over the place including the Ace Hotel chain. A couple of images from their portfolio to inspire. If you are in condundrum with your decorating decisions one of the coolest ways to be inspired is to check out the work of  interior designers that inspire you and make notes on why you love it. Very soon a pattern will come shining through and get you on your way.

I’m soooo late,  have been here  rabbiting so long to your guys I am the latest ever for a meeting. Gotta fly x



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