Speaking of uptown glam (as we were yesterday) here’s a house crush I’ve been sitting on for a while, meaning to share with you guys. It’s a 19th century NYC apartment owned by Jessica Chastain, and if you ask me it completely nails the classic, traditional vibe spiced up with a bit of Hollywood glam. The design duo behind it are Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller – they’re two of the biggest names on New York’s design scene, and decorated Vogue’s offices for one.

So this pad is just as plush as you might imagine. There’s an abundance of luxurious textures – think velvets, hammered copper, marble, mirror, dripping chandeliers and beautifully thick upholstery. Everything’s pulled together but also a little eclectic, as batik hangings and 19th century antique rugs hang out with vintage 50’s jukeboxes and fabulous auction finds that used to be owned by Lauren Bacall. (Just to inject a bit more Hollywood legend into the space.) Obviously I love that Jesse and Mara haven’t been afraid of dabbling with rich dark colour too – from emerald green and original dark wood covings to plum velvet, navy wallpapers and gorgeously smokey textured walls in the main living room. This is definitely more trad than the houses I usually covet, but I reckon if you want to inject drama and personality into a historic home, this is the way to do it! What do you guys think?

Enjoy the eye candy photos above, and you can check out the whole article on Architectural Digest.

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