Working your styling skills outside

Forgive the lack of posting yesterday it was a pretty full on day with many of the own label pieces arriving to the warehouse. Gem and I spent part of the day in store getting out lots of new cactus, single stems and new fabulous vases and I have to say they have pretty much transformed it!

Even though it’s blowing a gale outside (kept me awake half the night that wind) today I want to talk outdoor styling. For most (sane) people it’s still a tad nippy to be thinking of entertaining outside, but I think it’s the best thing ever. Even if it’s freezing I’m out there trying to find a sunbeam to sit in, or all bundled up and eating a steaming bowl of soup, any excuse to get outside. I also happen to think we neglect our outdoor spaces a bit. When it comes to decorating, simply start thinking about them like you would your indoor space. You’ll find they transform in a jiffy! Here’s my favourite indoor/outdoor styling essentials:



I’ve got tables all over my outside space. Ones that should be indoors actually, old wooden things that provide different perches to contemplate depending on my mood. Oh and I know I’m always going on about round or oval tables but outdoors for reasons I cannot explain I want rectangular ones. So I’ve plonked one right next to my outdoor kitchen and another under some rhododendrons and bamboo which is completely shaded and cool in the middle of the summer.


Impromptu seating areas

We’ve grouped some chairs by the outdoor fire, along with the odd stool and upturned apple crates as impromtu side tables. These little zones are great, so you can mingle, leave the dining table and have your own private party fireside – nice! It doesn’t have to be chairs either, cushions on the grass, some wooden trestles anything goes.


Rugs and textiles

I’ve got a lot of rugs so it’s no big deal to pull them from inside to outside should I wish, or cushions come to that. It really needs to warm (and dry) up a bit before doing such a thing, but textiles cosy up any outdoor space just like an indoor one!

Summer 2014

Flowers for styling, not just for planting

When it comes to styling outdoor tables I restrict the amount of flowers on a table. For me a few stems or even a single bloom go a long way. Single stems rock, especially if they are fat headed flowers like hydrangeas. You can check out my garden via my instagram feed to see what I mean!

abi39 copy

Lighting is key

Never forget to light your outdoor space properly! It can’t become a cool, cosy late night hang-out zone if it’s just lit with a harsh patio light. Soften it up a bit with string lights, table lamps, floor lamps, even pendants I’ve got it all! They are game changers making my outdoor spaces so cosy. Not forgetting candles of course too.

So there you have it! Having said all that I’m not that keen to go outside right now. I’m trying to work myself up for a swim, but in this gale type weather we’ve got this morning to be honest I don’t particularly want to. I haven’t swam outside in such strong winds before, but can’t wimp out just because the weather isn’t great, right? Here I go. Happy Tuesday everyone!



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