Abigail Ahern Press Quotes Interiors



“She mixes glamour and grandeur with fun and quirky details that make you smile.”

Apartment Therapy


“[She] changes the feel of a room with her knack for artful arrangements.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, GOOP


“Abigail Ahern's interiors are dark and seductive … these rooms wrap you up like a cozy blanket”

Apartment Therapy


“Abigail Ahern creates richly characterful rooms that bring colour back”

The London Magazine


“With a curious, confident eye and an ability to bring seemingly disparate objects together, her designs are synonymous with eclecticism, wit and style”



“She turns psychedelic fantasy into an elegant reality”

DOM magazine


“Her whimsical taste favours colour and just the right amount of kitsch”

Wall Street Journal


“She is known for her cool-as-a-rock-star interiors”



“[She is] a leading advocate of dazzling eclecticism”

Harper’s Bazaar


“A hard-edged, wonderland sensibility”

New York Times


“Not afraid to mix eras, styles and genres, Abigail shows a rare gift when it comes to matching previously untried combinations”

Living Design


“Abigail shows a rare gift for converting any space into a place of wonder and whimsy, somewhere you find hard to leave”

Living Design


“Disarmingly unpretentious, Abigail’s interiors are elegant, eclectic, and above all fun”

Grand Designs


“Abigail Ahern has brought a touch of Alice in Wonderland to her London home”

The Independent


“Her love of deep base colours and whimsical Alice in Wonderland approach to scale is highly influential”

YOU magazine


“Abigail Ahern’s rock chic aesthetic of dark, moody hues and rich, eclectic combinations of styles and cultures have injected joie de vivre back into the all too greige world of interiors.”

Culture Whisper


With unashamed magpie tendencies and a fondness for bold colour, her style is fearless and captivating”

Homes Interiors & Living


“[She makes] famously brave decorating decisions”

Home Beautiful


(Long quote, but lovely)

“Imagine if Vermeer and Rousseau got to share a canvas, the Dutchman filling it with his trademark dark interiors, soft light filtering in through a window, and the Frenchman adding lush ferns, copious flowers, birds and animals peeking through the foliage. Now add layer upon layer of texture —wood, velvet, pottery, wool, metallics — and you are getting close to envisaging designer Abigail Ahern’s fabulous East London home.” – Apartment Therapy