Abigail Ahern interior paint colours


Abigail shares the inspiration behind some of the most unexpected shades in her collection.


"This is the most beautiful, deep dark bruised fruit shade. I detest a lot of purple paint colours (blame it on a traumatic moment with a shade of aubergine in my early decorating days!), so I set myself the challenge of creating a beautiful, complex, rich and sophisticated purple. Damson is that shade. Smoky, subtle, and utterly lovely on the wall. Try it! I dare you."


"This is my chocolate hue. Before you run for the hills thinking that's too retro, believe me, this is a throwback shade worth revisiting. It's the softest brown you can imagine, and is the most adaptable shade in the whole collection. It'll work anywhere from NYC uptown Brownstones, to a rustic farmhouse, to a modern loft space. A neutral, but anything but dull. I adore it."


"All my paint shades were creating by visiting the oldest art shop in Paris - La Maison du Pastel - which is a little treasure trove tucked away down the Quai Voltaire. I was like a kid in a sweet shop with these huge jars of pastel pigment! I'd take them home, experiment and blend obsessively until I had the perfect shades. Mole was the happiest accident. It's a gorgeously elegant shade that you can't quite put your finger on - brownish, greenish, greyish. It's timelessly beautiful, you just want to reach out and stroke it."