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I have wanted to do this for the longest time, create a zine for this fabulous community of like-minded thinkers that goes a little more in depth into things. With so many of us being house bound and socially isolated I thought this would a great way to bring more of us together and share even more stuff. More tips, more tricks, more game changing ideas.

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The indian Issue

This issue means a lot to me on so many levels both personally and to us as a company. Many of our AA products are produced in India by skilled artisans and craftspeople who right now are facing one of the toughest times the country has ever seen. Gem and I pre Covid would continually pop to India to source new collections, and passing over for a minute the incredible food, cities and beautiful natural landscapes what makes India so great is its people. Unbelievably generous, deeply spiritual I think they are amongst the world’s kindest people, never mind the best hosts, inviting Gem and I to supper and into their homes wherever we went. We were blown away with their kindness and hospitality.

Inside you’ll find incredible playlists with an Indian slant, recipe books, restaurants, and an interview with one of the coolest chefs on the planet. Not to mention a product focus from us highlighting our pieces that are manufactured in this beautiful country.