Decorating with Colour


Whether you want to start small, with pops of colour or introduce a whole new colour scheme to your home, AA’s expert approved tips will help you reinvent your space and turn it into a home you never want to leave.



Ignore whats hot or not, ignore keeping up with the Joneses and definitely ignore the colour of the year. Follow your heart, trust your instinct and never look back.


There’s real sceinece and psychology behind taking smart risks, it can explain how living adventourously makes you smarter, stronger and more attaractive!

Take the plunge and paint that wall a cool hue! There will be times when you love it and occasionally you won’t but it took Edison 10,000 attempts before he created the lightbulb and Dyson tried 5126 times to create a bagless vacuum. Getting off the fence and going for it is game changing!



By being curious not only does it bring excitement into your life ,new worlds and possibilities unearth themselves. Colour is complex, its mysterious and vast its symbolic its also contemplative. Once you take the colour plum and more specifically once you convert to the dark side there is no turning back!