I’m super excited to announce that I have partnered up with the cool Australian brand Bauwerk Colour and have designed a capsule collection of mineral based, chalky, nuanced lime wash paints.  In the subtlest of hues and inspired by our botanical wanderings around the Far East for our faux flower and plant collections this colour palette encapsulates everything we are obsessed about. 

It’s an interesting, unexpected and beautiful collection of hues made from Australian limestone that has been crushed, burned and mixed with water to make a lime putty. The putty is aged, thinned with water and then coloured with natural pigments. The result is the most incredible mottled and matt surface,  chalky and very similar to the texture of suede with incredible depth and luminosity.

This is the most perfect tone, subtle chic and inspired by the cereal grass with its soft plumes.  Our Limewash paint has soft nuances causing its appearance to differ depending on factors such as light.

Coverage Over Previously Painted or Sealed Surfaces:
20 sqm per litre (for one coat) 3 coats recommended
Coverage Over Render or Unpainted Surfaces:
7 sqm per litre (for one coat) 3 coats recommended

Coverage for Standard Size Room:
Previously Painted: 4 Litres (including the recommended three coats)
Unpainted Finish: 10 Litres (including the recommended three coats)

Three Coats Recommended.

    Made to order - Dispatch within 4-5 working days.

    For any further delivery support please contact 02076845320 or email customerservices@abigailahern.com

    Brushes Are Available in Two Sizes:

    23cm x 25cm - Wooden Brush

    20cm x 7cm - Block Brush

    Unless you already have one, we strongly recommend that you purchase one of our brushes which are specifically designed for Limewash paint. Their unique bristle structure retains the correct amount of paint and releases it evenly across the surface during painting.

    Wooden Brush   Block Brush

    Take a Look at Our Limewash Guide & Limewash Brochure:

    Limewash Guide   Limewash Brochure




      Small Items
      (E.g. Accessories, Botanicals, Kitchenware)
      EXTRA LARGE PARCELS - £27.50
      Medium Items
      (E.g. Lamps, Side Tables, Large Plants) 
      Large Items
      (E.g. Furniture, Large Mirrors, Chandeliers)

      We ship AA products overseas. To change the country from which you wish to shop from, select the correct flag in the top right hand corner of the desktop. Please contact our customer services team if you require more information customerservices@abigailahern.com.


      If you have ordered one of our paint products, please allow 3-5 working days for delivery as this is hand-mixed by our supplier to order. 

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