Cabin Crush

When I’m not dreaming about a house in Italy (now on hold because I’ve expanded our own label) I’m dreaming about cabins. I’m thinking upstate NYC that way when I open a store in the city I can live in an apartment on the weekend and hot foot it back to the cabin on the weekends, what do you think – good plan? Slight flaw in the plan is my London life and the two M’s because there is no way they are flying in the hold. So I would need to charter my own plane, and because I don’t love flying it couldn’t be a small thing, I would have to borrow one from BA and there you have it bang-wallop there goes the finances again!

Now we are doing such a large own label collection of products however, all plans are on hold (possibly forever)! Hopefully not forever but for a good few years I reckon. If however you are Ralph Lauren you don’t need to dream, you can just go purchase a beautiful little pad in Colorado and move right in (see slideshow). Whilst not many of us will own places like this I love looking at all sorts of aspirational interiors because there are always elements we can introduce into our own homes. Like…


“Here she goes again” I can hear you cry. Apologies, but if you take a peak at Ralph’s living space above you will see just how important layering is. The layers adds warmth and intrigue, and bedazzles the eye as it literally zooms around the space not knowing where to look.


I am the biggest hugest fan of texture piling. The more textures you introduce into a space, the more relaxed your pad will feel. Of course you’ve got to mix them up, no point them all singing from the same hymnbook, but when you get this right it’s magical.

Focal points

You always need more than one focal point to bring a room alive. With Ralph’s dining room you’ve got that amazing stone clad fireplace, the chandelier, the rug… it’s beautiful.

Never stop dreaming, I say! They do and can come true. Dreaming I find makes me push things further, strive for more, create more not because I’m not grateful for what I have but because I know with a bit more hard work I can reach that goal. Worse thing that could happen is that I fail and then what? It costs me a bit more hard work, big deal! In the general scheme of things working a bit later or getting up a bit earlier instead of sitting on my butt watching TV or sleeping in is alright by me. So here’s to dreams.

Happy Tuesday and happy birthday G.




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