Our Promise to Our Community

 Our Promise to Our Community


People matter most at Abigail Ahern from our customers to our suppliers, our teams and the wider community in general. Abigail Ahern was founded on the principles of inclusiveness and we celebrate diversity and cultural understanding.


We are an equal opportunities employer and DO NOT tolerate discrimination of any kind. Abigail Ahern is committed to a policy of equal treatment for everyone from when an application is received, right though to when someone joins us as part of our team.


Abigail Ahern is exceptionally proud of our talented and diverse team and believes with a passion the importance of diversity not only to a team but also society in general. We are extremely committed not only in continuing this going forward but also want to extend this to all aspects of our business.


We believe improvements can always be made and we want to continue to work hard employing informed and ethical practices. Every day we strive to do better and be better. We believe everyone should care more and as a company we are continually looking at ways to improve this further.


We source our products from a wide range of suppliers from around the world including Asia and Europe and want to continue to do so while valuing long standing relations based on transparency and trust with all of our suppliers. We not only visit our suppliers and factories but also ensure they abide by industry standard certificates and the working code of practice.


As a company we are proud to offer our full support for the Design For Diversity initiative as anything that addresses inequalities and welcomes underrepresented communities and exchange of new ideas into an industry we love, is a very good thing.

We pledge to seek out Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates to interview for roles that arise in our businesses. We will always hire the best person for the job, but we will endeavour to bring more diverse candidates through the process. We stop short of positive discrimination and we reject tokenism.