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Something Exciting Is Coming...

Abigail Ahern Paint is having a makeover, landing early 2025.

As our existing factory has relocated overseas and can no longer produce our paint we are working hard behind the scenes to produce an amazing new collection with an exciting new factory with some incredible new finishes which we can't wait to share with you early next year.

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About Abigail Ahern Paint

Inspired by nature, our range of luxury paints are designed to animate your home with their earthy and seductive tones. Available in matt emulsion and soft eggshell, the intriguing palette of colours and complex undertones echo natures palette creating the perfect backdrop to your unique home decor.

Whether you choose to paint everything out in the same colour like Abigail, paint a feature wall, or create contrast with different hues, our wide ranging collection will uplift every room and provide a sense of warmth, comfort and security for the story of your home and the memories you create within it.

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