Decorating with black and white

It’s a colour week this week, probably because I am slap-bang in the middle of writing my new book on Colour right now. It’s bigger, fatter, better and about the coolest book I’ve done to date so I’m living, sleeping and breathing colour combos right now. After talking about the riskiest paint combos out there, today let’s go for the most classical of pairings – black and white.

If you’re starting from scratch and fancy going down this route here’s a few things to get right!

Decide how you want the room to feel.

When I decorate I always figure out the mood first and the scheme second (much easier). So do you want your space to feel calming, glam, classic, or a little edgy and bad boy? Figuring out the mood will help determine how much black you use and how much white you use.

Have you got the confidence?

This combo is statement worthy so you have to be ready for that, and embrace the high contrast palette. Try not to self doubt and second guess – if you’re thinking of going for it, go for it I say.

Add a third accent

You absolutely don’t have to, but I tend to pepper black and white schemes with an accent colour too, and it’s pretty much always green for me! That third colour just gives my space an extra bit of dimension.

Go one or the other

I am a bit funny about adding accessories that are covered in half white half black patterns – I tend to just go with one main colour. For me, it adds more drama and intrigue, but this is personal obviously.

Nothing packs a more powerful punch then this combo of hues. Sophisticated, glamorous and game changing. You’ve got to love the classics, right?

See you later with the biz column!







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