Morning it’s a busy one today so I am writing super fast. Let’s talk bedrooms. How do you guys want yours  to feel?  Maybe a sanctuary to retreat to after a long day? Or a little more edgy and hip? Often times I find you don’t need to completely overhaul a room, a few tweaks like some fluffy throws or fairy lights strung over a mirror make the biggest difference to revamp bedrooms and have just as much impact as starting over. I am a huge fan of items that give rooms an instant creative boost such as:


Rather than skimming the floor with them how about hanging one on a wall? I’ve actually done this on my stairwell and it’s a super easy solution to the big blank wall problem.

Overdose on Pattern

Pattern adds instant pizzaz so the minute you put a bedspread or throw with some kind of motif on it is the minute you can sit back and shout “nailed it!”. When it comes to changing the feel of a room pattern should be on everyone’s to do list.

Repeat repeat repeat

Repeat things it will make your space far more harmonious. A colour for example, or fanciful curves, echo them throughout the room it will give your bedroom balance and cohesion.

Add more lights than you think necessary  

In my bedroom I have seven! They are not always on at the same time, some are task orientated for grooming, others highlight art but they create pools of light and give my bedroom the most beautiful atmosphere. Lighting is one of the most neglected components in rooms and often times you need do nothing more than add a few to give a room a completely different vibe. Clever no?


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