I’m continually asked:  When I’m adding more design classes,  when am I’m taking them on tour, do you do virtual classes?
I’ve always been tempted to quit the day job and go into full-time teaching. I love the idea of zipping around the globe running classes and meeting some fabulous people on the way.  Super-tempting, I have to say!

I’ve been finding that people, more than ever before, are open to going a little off grid with their interiors, pushing boundaries and creating really tantalising spaces. This is why I’m expanding up the classes!!

Yes! I am super-excited to announce that I’m taking my Design Masterclass to Australia. We will be heading to central Sydney and Melbourne in June – so book your place before it sells out! My fabulous, florist genius sister, Gemma will be my co-host, so expect lots of advice on our new range of botanicals too – faux-flower power! We have a whole new itinerary, full to the brim with my insider knowledge, decorating tips and exciting new interior ideas every Ahernite will want to know.

PLUS! We have created a whole NEW class for London too. We have limited spaces as they are only running for a short while. The class is set for half-days, packed with my insider interiors tips, decorating secrets, inspiring ideas to help you ditch the conventional path to design. It’s tailored to you guys, collated from all the feedback you’ve given me and advice you’ve shared since being on the blog! So, if you fancy stepping outside of your comfort zone, then come hang out in my pad for the afternoon, and learn how to decorate in a completely different way.

Check it out, it would be fab to see you there!

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