The most transformative decorating tricks ever!

Morning, firstly a big thank you to my Facebook and Instagram followers who have been encouraging me to go for the faux pony skin. I had a wobble yesterday as its so so so radical (even for me) but with everyone’s encouragement we’ve gone for it and the first door is up. Also I was so delighted with the response on my new Debenhams range that I have been sneak peaking over there. Thank you again guys,  I think this range hitting stores this fall is one of the most exciting yet!

Now if you were to hire me as an interior designer which you can’t because one I’m way too expensive, two I’m too far busy, three I’m turning into a prima donna (you’d get requests before meetings from my people to your people with things like Abi only drinks coconut water chilled to exactly blah blah degrees)! Or please take into consideration that Abi will make a zillion phone calls home during the meeting to check on the M’s. OMG it would drive you crazy!  BUT if were to hire me I would tell you there are 5 things you can do that will turn any room around, literally any room!

1. Black is the new white

Think of black as a neutral (seriously) when you do that it doesn’t feel as scary. Add doses of it to walls, accessories, floors you name it overdose on it. It adds immediate swank and sophistication! I’m blacking out my studio as we speak (the faux pony skin room) and it feels so very sophisticated its unbelievable!

2. More is more

The less layers of stuff you have in a room the more boring the room is simple as that. You want your belongings to feed your senses and make you feel happy, relaxed, chilled, invigorated and you can’t do that if you haven’t got stuff – it’s a no brainer when you drill into it right!  Of course you can have too much stuff (putting my hands up here), which is one of the reasons we are having the biggest online yard sale yet. Mostly things from this house and mostly vintage like rugs, old chairs I’ve never upholstered.  prototypes, garden tables a ton of stuff. Will keep you posted as to when it happens hoping end of next week but we’ve got to photograph everything first and we can only do that when I’ve finished decorating the studio.

3. Embrace the seasons

I don’t want to live in year round summer, does that sound crazy? I like seasons.  I want to light fires in winter, put on a hefty coat and go trample and chase leaves in Hyde Park in the cooler months. I want to add sheepskins and slubby cushions or pair them back altogether for summer and maybe add some brighter pops. By swapping up the foliage and flowers by changing the scents from floral and light to woody and smoky I love to embrace the seasons, it makes me feel happy to be at home any time of the year and it makes me feel that my space evolves (super subtlety) rather than staying the same!

4. Going for gold

I know its been done a lot, this whole gold trend but I am obsessed with it, no matter if you’re vibe is trad or contemporary.  Adding a little bling makes spaces feel super swanky. Think pineapple sconces on the walls, think gold mirrors, I’ve got on order a gold table for my studio when it arrives (four days late Mr Supplier if you are reading this)!! It adds such a classy note!

5. Have fun

Put a flocked bison head on the walls, or a poodle lamp on an ostrich table like I have here in my studio. The most memorable and the best interiors all have elements of fun in them . They tell a narrative and that narrative doesn’t always have to make sense it just has to loosen up the vibe. When you loosen the vibe rooms read as relaxed not uptight, nothing worse in my book than walking into an uptight room!



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