Texture makes rooms more interesting. It creates ambience. And the best thing is, you can never overdose on it! The trick is to cause friction and put as many different materials in a room as possible. I'm talking hand-tufted rugs, oodles of sofa cushions, gilded frames, wooden tables, hand-thrown vases wicker...







If you gravitate towards feminine interiors, then loft of soft fine fabrics, smooth woods and shiny accessories will do the job nicely. If you're more attracted to the masculine feel, then a combo of rustic details, rich woods and velvet sofas works a treat.






Texture doesn't have the puling power of pattern or colour. Your eye will not automatically dart it it, so you really need to pile on those contrasts. It's the 'opposites attract' approach: pit rough against smooth, super-glossy against nubby, coarse against fine, modern against trad. Mix up your accessories  avoid everything being super-glam or rustic, it can feel a little one-dimensional.