Ways to wake up your dining room

Aren’t weekends meant for pottering, relaxing, chilling out? I am exhausted after this last one, we’ve been working on the cabin at the end of the garden and I’m beginning to wonder why I thought it was such a good idea in the first place to buy the thing. Admittedly I have time issues thinking everything will take about half an hour only to find it takes about 20!  I’ll let you know if its worth it in a few weeks when we’re done, right now though I’m regretting it in a big way!

Anyways lets talk dining and 3 ways to wake up such rooms.

I’ve got 2 dining rooms which I know sounds a little ‘fancy pants’ but actually one of them is at the bottom of the garden in the cabin, should this plan work.  It’s a bijou little space, you couldn’t actually squeeze more than 4 people inside but if all goes as I see in my head it should be great. Positioned under  the fig and beside the lilac I feel like I’m in the woods with my slate covered walls and wood burning stove quietly puttering away. Not that the walls are completed or I’ve found a stove, but there you go.

I have to say I do find dining rooms a little neglected we spend ages thinking about the tables and chairs and then kind of go off the boil so here are my ultimate 3 tips for revamping them!

Push boundaries with your walls

I’ve clad mine in the past in wallpaper, faux pony skin, brick, slate  highly textural and super beautiful. Dramatic doesn’t have to look wham bam,  something subtle works just as well.

Add a console.

Consoles add those  all important layers especially when you style with up with books, art, candles and objects d’art they turn the space around. Simple as that!

Supersize your pendant

One of my all time pet peeves is small lights over dining tables as the second you scale them up the grander and the cooler your room will look. It’s one of the easiest tricks on the planet and so often neglected!


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