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4 Décor Tricks You’ll Want to Implement Immediately

One of the nicest parts of my job is teaching my Design Class days. Welcoming people into my pad and seeing them getting more and more excited as the day goes on. I push boundaries and take people on a visual and emotional journey by transporting them to another world by literally reshaping the one they are in! Which is why I so love my job!

Here in a nutshell are 4 of my top tips:

Black is Back

You’ve got it threaded throughout your wardrobe but how about bringing more of it into your home. Whenever a space looks unfinished I’ve found introducing black elements whether that’s a wall painted out in it, a cabinet or chairs, or pendant, the minute you darken things up magic happens.

Go Round

When you introduce circular shapes to a space you instantly break up all the sharper lines in a room and at the very same time it literally injects a space with personality. Clever no?

Add Pattern

Think of pattern as a herb or spice is adds instant pizazz to a space. If a room has nothing but solid colours running throughout it can feel super flat so introduce pattern through rugs, art, cushions and so on.

Kalmar pouff

Add Something Gold

Incorporating this gilded hue instantly ups the style ratings and the luxe factor. I like to sprinkle in a few decorative touches in mirrors, objets d’art but don’t overdo it. Restrain it to a few pieces in a one room (max three I would say) otherwise things will feel too bling-y.

Hollywood mirror

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