4 ways to upgrade your doors

I have a funny relationship with doors or anything for that matter that seems to close a room in. Can’t stand curtains, shutters shut at night I’m not rightly sure where such dislike came from.

I always want to see past the door or curtain or shutter to another vista, its funny no? Anyways I happen to think there is a lot you can do with doors other than painting them white, which in my book is equivalent to a criminal offence.

Go black

Don’t kill me when I say this but if you paint something black it will add drama and intrigue to your space, and if you don’t believe me check out the image above. Cool no?

Replace boring hardware

I love swapping out old door handles and adding lux ones to the mix. Infact I often use wall hooks as door handles in my pad, but no matter which way you go they make doors statement worthy and a feature in their own right

Add tassels

Rather lovely this idea for guest bedrooms makes them feel super special.

Take them off altogether

In every room apart form the bedroom and bathrooms there are no doors on any of my rooms. For years I never closed them and then wondered what was the point of them. When pushed back they take out half the wall and I could do so much cooler things when I removed them. Which I did. If you don’t need your doors let them go I say, its liberating stuff!



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